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"Doom" -a game of generations, a project that has become a legend, and finally this series has got a full continuation. Yes, in the Studio, "Bethesda" has already announced the sequel, titled "Eternal Doom» …

Developers kept in the strictest confidence everything about the new part of the beloved first-person shooter. And yet, much has now become known. So, there were rumors that this time everyone who decides to download Doom Eternal via torrent, will have to go to the Ground, crushed by Demons that fell on her straight from Hell. What's the meaning of that? Well, at least that in the future players will find a new setting in an incredibly familiar environment. But that's not all…

The developers have completely redesigned opponents. Now players will meet even more terrible monsters, creatures of Hell. It will be direct representatives of the infernal fauna: giant octopuses, mutants with plasma saws, demons with cool guns and bloodied bosses that can scare anyone with only their appearance.

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That before the game, so he's still more fixated on testing agility and reaction players. However, now players will have to be ready every minute spent in the game, because opponents will attack literally from "nowhere", and each of their attacks can be the last. However, the advantage will not only opponents, but also the players. There will be even more fantastic weapons, even more different gadgets murderous type, and moreover, there were rumors that there may be more and cool system modifications.

Graphics goes to a completely new level. All the same. But already improved engine allowed developers to create a picture. More like a real-life recording. Bloody frames, monsters, characters, weapons and everything that happens around the main character looks so cool that the blood runs cold even while watching the trailer. And plus everything improved game physics-to realistic it is still far away, but it looks more than cool. And, it would seem, this should already be enough for everyone to want Doom Eternal to download a torrent from Hatab and start the game, but no…

It turns out that the developers have paid more attention to the sound. If you believe them, the players will wait for the atmosphere of horror in the style of the third part. And all just because of the voice acting. However, time will tell…

Year: 2019
Genre: Action (Action) / from the 1st person
Developer: id Software
Category: Expected games / Action

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