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Everyone's favorite series of games about BJ Blaskowitz and his struggle with the Nazi regime, seized power over the world, continues. But this time the developers of the Studio "MachineGames" decided to surprise fans of the series…

This time we are talking about a toy called "Wolfenstein: Youngblood". But do not think that the protagonist will be the same immortal BJ. No, this time it will be about his heirs, two twin girls who need at all costs to save his father, suddenly turned from the protagonist into a victim. Decided to download Wolfenstein Youngblood via torrent from hatab players will have to plunge into the atmosphere of Paris 1980-th alternative year. Ahead of you waiting for the blood, fear, cruelty and sea action – as in the previous parts.

Judging by the trailer shown the day before, the game will tell about the events taking place nineteen years after the story described in "the New Colossus". Now the Nazis have kidnapped Blaskowitz and keep him somewhere in a secret laboratory in Paris. But the benefit he has the same fearless and deadly twin daughters…

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By the way, in fact, the game goes to a new stage. The protagonists are changing, and with them changing and gameplay. Truth. At the moment, little is known about which direction it will change. Exactly one thing is known-finally, players will be given the opportunity to create a full-fledged cooperative in which two players will be able to play the role of two sisters. But not only in the co – op will be able to go through a new part-a double storyline will allow players to enjoy both co-op and single-player campaign.

There was also information and that the game will be a lot of new weapons. Truth. What kind of weapon, and how it will affect the gameplay is unclear. But now it is clear that there will be many moments in which players will have to act harmoniously. Moreover, coherence is useful not only in skirmishes, but also in the passage of the storyline puzzles, which should also appear in the new part.

Well, the main thing is that the game is essentially still the same. The same applies to graphics and gameplay in General, and visualization. You are waited for by new adventures, with the sea of blood, a heap of cut-scenes, and a fascinating plot.

Year: 2019
Genre: Action (Action) / from the 1st person
Developer: MachineGames
Category: Expected games / Action

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