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The story of the master Chief continues, thanks to the efforts of developers from the Studio "343 Industries". This time the project was called "Halo Infinite", and moreover, got new characters and a whole bunch of interesting plot twists…

The basis of the new game will be a new and improved engine, the capabilities of which were demonstrated at the exhibition "E3 2018". This is an engine called "Slipspace Engine". Thanks to him, if you believe the developers, players who decided to download Halo Infinite via torrent, will be able to see a huge world, the size is not comparable to that. That was presented in the fifth, previous part of the series. But it is not important…

The main thing is that now players will be able to enjoy the atmosphere of the game in conditions as close to reality the laws of physics. Besides, now the world is alive. Even in the teaser, in just a few minutes, was shown a world full of animals, and reaching incredible sizes-that will be in reality, it is difficult to even imagine.

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As for the gameplay, so it should change for the better, but not much. Information so far is not enough, but it is known that the new game will move a favorite fans of the series system jumps and sprints with a special knapsack. In addition, the developers drew attention to the complaints of players on too little time devoted to the Master Chifu in the fifth part. That's why they promised that in the new game almost the whole story will revolve around it.

At its core, this is the third episode of The Saga of the Restorer. The setting is dedicated to the surface of the Halo. And the events themselves will initially revolve around the Help of the master infantry kkon.

Year: 2019
Genre: Action (Action) / from the 1st person
Developer: 343 Industries

Category: Expected games / Action

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