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Developed by the Studio "Techland" toy, called "Dying Light 2", this is the second part of the beloved action. Now you will find at times a large map, more features and even more cool gameplay…

And the first thing it should be noted that this time the game, according to the developers, turned out at times larger than the first part. Now the city has become many times more, and the world has become even freer and will allow each player to create their own atmosphere. Moreover, deciding to download Dying Light 2 via torrent, you can create your own world, because your every action, every action and every murder will change the story and send in the most unexpected direction.

Speaking of changing history – this time the developers have done everything possible. To create a world that depends one hundred percent on the player. Now every action of the player can affect the future of this apocalyptic world. Choosing a particular task, the player will be able to perform it in a variety of ways, and it will affect all without exception. Similarly, things are with the actions in respect of non-player characters. By supporting one faction. You will provide her in the future the right to power in the city, and supporting another, you will condemn the world to even larger problems. Even one and the same object can be assigned to two different characters, and each in their own way they use and impact on the world. In General, the consequences will be for every action without exception.

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As for the highlight of the project, parkour, so its system was also significantly redesigned. First, the physics of parkour has been completely redesigned, so that any tricks now look much cooler. Secondly, it was added a lot of new movements, including fast descent, and sliding on the railing, and even jumping on the lampposts. And some movement now assigned to combat – eliminate the enemy without leaving the regime of parkour, in the course of movement.

The combat system is also reworked. If in the first part it was possible to overcome with ease the whole gang of opponents, now even two opponents, and that, can become too difficult production. The fact that the plot has passed since the events of the first part of more than fifteen years. During this time, the survivors learned to fight, learned the correct shooting and racks, became quicker and more experienced. In other words, life in this apocalyptic world has moved to a new level, and this is at least one of the reasons for Dying Light 2 torrent download for free at the first opportunity.

And of course, will not leave without impressions the new schedule. It seems that everything remains in place, but if you look closely, immediately become noticeable changes in the textures, facial expressions of the characters and the environment in General.

Year: 2019
Genre: Action (Action) / from the 1st person
Developer: Techland

Category: Expected games / Action

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