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The eleventh part of the series, called "Forza Horizon 4", was developed by the Studio" Playground Games " and finally saw the light. Yes, this is a continuation of the series, but the game has got a lot of innovations and a whole bunch of features…

It would seem that everything is the same, but it is only at first glance. Immediately after the start everything falls into place. Deciding to download Forza Horizon 4 via torrent from our website, you will get access to the free world of the UK, will be able to try out a whole list of new features and participate in the awesome races on everything that can move.

And the first thing to note is the fact that the game now has more than four hundred different cars. This rare cars brand "Bentley", and several collectible" Austin-Healey"," Bowler "and" Bugatti", and a huge number of well-known manufacturers, each of which is represented by at least five models. However, initially not all cars are available. Some of them can be obtained as a prize for the race, and some open during the passage of the storyline or the acquisition of a certain property. By the way, on the map a lot of places where you can buy property – for the purchase will be issued gameplay perks and given access to rare cars.

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As for the races, so they will be held in a variety of disciplines. At the same time, the mode of creating your own competitions will also be available. Players from different countries in the number of up to twelve people will be able to participate in these competitions.

And of course, it is impossible not to note the schedule, and she went to a whole new level. Change of weather conditions and time of year, dynamic change of time of day, beautiful landscapes in suburbs and not only, the dust flying away from speed of rotation of wheels – here everything looks so beautifully that it is difficult even to present.

Year: 2018
Genre: Racing (Racing) / Arcade (Arcade)
Developer: Playground Games

System requirements
OS: Windows 10 (64 bit) version 15063.0 or later
Processor: Intel i3-4170 (3.7 GHz) / Intel i5 750 (2.67 GHz)
Video card: NVidia 650TI / NVidia GT 740 or AMD R7 250x (2GB)

Category: Expected games / Arcade / Racing

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