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Finally, "Microsoft" decided to show what fans of their works will have to face in the future. And we are not talking about a new project, and the continuation of the old and loved by many, a toy called "Gears 5" or as many expected Gears of War 5…

And first of all it would be worth noting the most important fact-this time the players will have to play not for a male character, but for a girl named Kate. She is independent, rude, possessor of an unpleasant character and somewhat similar to her distant relatives Marcus Phoenix and his lad from the last part. By the way, according to rumors, anyone who decides to download Gears 5 via torrent on your computer, play for it will have a relatively large part of the time. But this is not important…

The main thing is that the plot essentially continues the story of the previous parts. But now the world has changed. The remains of humanity locked up in the fortresses, which is ruled by a dictatorship and a totalitarian regime, others, who did not want to accept the new rules, forced to wander in suffering from the effects of war locations. Under all under this are returning and old opponents – a swarm of and locusts, they survived, mutated, and adapted to new conditions. In General, the struggle continues.

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As for the gameplay, so it has changed little. Nevertheless, a lot of new things have appeared. For example, there were a lot of heavy weapons – machine guns, grenade launchers. Bombs and all the like will not let you get bored in the battles with the invaders. Swarm infects everyone around, and apparently, somehow now even robots have become contagious. Well, plus everything will have to fight with the bosses, but this is a separate topic.

Unfortunately, the plot at the moment there are not so many, but definitely know that Kate is now forced to go "where it all began". At the same time will have to travel around the world. You will meet and snow-covered ice locations, and jungle, and various ruins, and more. However, thinking up Gears 5 torrent download from xatab in Russian, and you will see everything and be able to understand what's what.

As for graphics, so it is excellent. The engine has clearly been improved, and thanks to him changed everything in the game. For example, there was more realism in the environment, and the characters themselves have become more alive. The physics of shooting, fighting and finishing also changed. In General, the game has changed in all respects, without exception. Ahead of you are waiting for new adventures, the continuation of the fight against the invaders and the sea of dangers.

Year: 2019
Genre: Action (Action) / 3rd person
Developer: The Coalition

Category: Expected games / Action

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