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Developed by the Studio "Capcom R & D Division 1" fifth honor of the famous series "DMC" finally made itself felt. It will be "Devil May Cry 5", a game that promises to be a new round of events in the universe of Nero and Dante…

If you are a fan of the series "DMC" and adore the battle in the style of Dante. The new part will definitely appeal to you. The developers promised not to change the gameplay, but to promote the story in a new era. So, deciding to download Devil May Cry 5 (2019) via torrent from our website, you can go to the time period a few years after the end of the fourth part. It would seem that not much time has passed, but much has already changed in the universe. So, now the sign from the Agency inherited Dante, Nero, and Dante himself is much older. But do not think that now Dante will be only a minor character…

According to rumors, players will now be able to play not for two characters, but for one of three. As before, one of them will be charismatic Dante, the second will be, respectively, Nero with his cool abilities and unforgettable appearance, and the third will be a character named Nico, a girl, fragile in appearance, but very smart and strong.

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It would seem that the emergence of a new character, and even girls, should already be enough. But no, the developers decided not to stop. So, they pretty much worked on the gameplay. First, according to the developers, the gameplay of the fifth part will be the fastest in the series. Second, redesigned itself boevka-combinations will be presented with an even larger range, and the characters themselves will be able to create more and unique combinations. Well, plus everything redesigned pumping system.

As for the unique abilities of each of the characters, so they are, in theory, will be balanced as expected. It is also known that Nero will get a special prosthesis from Dante, which will replace his old demonic hand. The prosthesis will be called "Devil Breaker" and will form the basis of the character's combat system. In General, whatever it was, and download torrent Devil May Cry 5 is clearly at the first opportunity.

As for the graphics, so it will not change since the fourth part. Is that the picture will be more detailed, and the characters more emotional. However, there are rumors that the game can eventually be placed on the engine "RE Engine" - if this happens, in graphic terms, the game will definitely move to a new level. And the game should please the improved system of special effects…

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