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Developed by the Studio " Gearbox Software "with the support of" Telltale Games "toy called" Borderlands 3 " finally made itself felt. And as it turned out, the players will have to wait for a huge number of innovations…

Dynamic and even crazy gameplay, a huge number of weapons, customization and improvements, sea tasks and quests, cooperative and Otpad atmosphere – all this is not a complete list of what the third part is worth waiting for everyone. Deciding Borderlands 3 torrent download for free from our site, you will plunge into the world of madness and battles, go to another planet and try to put it all on the ears, taking power into their own hands.

Unfortunately, at the moment we know about the third part is woefully small. But some of the innovations have already become known. So, the first thing the developers have officially confirmed the information that the third part will be a full-fledged cooperative mode for four people, which in itself is quite good. It is known that there will be a cooperative mode of passing the game, and several PvP-modes for four people.

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As for the gameplay, so it seems to be changing only partly. That is, there will be the same free open world in which players will be able to move as they want, and will be the same quest system tasks. But at the same time during the tasks, players will be able not only to receive various bonus rewards, but also new equipment, and new opportunities in terms of customization. By the way, there will be a system of micro – reactions, but to buy for real money players will be able only elements of customization that affect only the appearance of the characters, equipment and weapons-the gameplay will not affect Donat.

As for the characters, so the game will return to the old characters with their own unique features, as well as a few new ones. What it will be for the characters, is not yet known, but one thing is clear – the new characters will be familiar to each past the previous part of the player.

But the graphics and physics are moving to a new level. New, the third part of the game will be based on the engine "Unreal Engine 4", so it will be improved and graphics. And the performance of the game, and physics. In addition, the developers say that. That the new engine will allow them to use and ideas that could not be used at the time in the second part. The truth is that these ideas are not yet known! But it is known that the new game will be in terms of passing twice as long as the previous one.

Year: 2019
Genre: Action ( Action) / Role (RPG) / from the 1st person
Developer: Gearbox Software
Category: Action / RPG

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