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Studio “Epic Games” has always been famous for its coolest projects, especially cooperative ones, but the toy called “Fortnite” has become a real masterpiece at all, because it combines all the best that is in famous projects.

Gameplay and features ...
The gameplay of "Fortnite" is divided into several parts, and first of all I would like to mention the part that is most similar to "Minecraft". Yes, yes, here we need to collect resources and build, but this process is presented a bit differently, as we used to see, and the construction goals are not at all the same as in other projects.

Deciding to download the game Fortnite via torrent, register and start the game, you will immediately come across the need to travel a lot. It is on the study of the territories that the whole gameplay is based, because it is in the course of the research that you will be able to find the bulk of the resources that can later be spent on building and on your character.

Resources figuratively divided into several parts. The first part involves resources in the form of weapons and cartridges, as well as various auxiliary components such as bandages and everything that can contribute to the restoration of health. The second part is the resources for construction (wood, stone, etc.). Fortifications and auxiliary structures can be built from the collected - for example, you can build stairs, roofs, walls and barricades on the move. Now to the main thing ...

PvE in Fortnite ...
The most important and the very first game mode in Fortnite is PVE mode, in which up to four people can simultaneously participate. Its essence is as follows - four characters, they are ordinary players, are dropped on the location where they begin to collect resources and prepare for a quick attack. Gradually, the playing area fills the zone, it’s a storm, under the cover of which hordes of zombies and mutants are hiding.

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Having built barricades and collecting a maximum of weapons with ammunition, you will need to start performing various quests - somewhere you will have to search for some small, but very important thing, somewhere to save a surviving person. And somewhere and completely kill someone. There are many options, the diversity is obvious. Well, then, and this is the third stage of the adventure, you will have to fight off the zombies and mutants in all possible ways. This is how it turns out survived in a zombie apocalypse.

PvP and the Battle Royale ...
At the heart of the PvP mode is the "Royal Battle", which appeared in one of the latest updates. Only 100 players and all land on one big location, wherever they want, in various places. By the way, the landing is carried out by jumping from a flying post-apocalyptic bus. Well, then everything follows the standard scheme - grab everything you see, collect resources and ammo, and start hunting for other players. And this is perhaps the most interesting thing - in the course of a hunt, you can build structures and barricades, destroy everything that comes handy, climb any peaks, and create everything that with a little more realistic game it would be impossible. Well, it survives, and at the same time it wins, the strongest - out of a hundred players, only one will emerge victorious.

Pumping and customization
As for the leveling and customization of the game account, they are there too. You can get a new character with his new abilities and unique skills, unlock weapons, pump the power of his blows and much more - perhaps at least this will be enough to decide to download the torrent on PC to Fortnite.

In addition, there is a division into classes. There are soldiers with access to grenades and powerful cannons, a constructor building buildings with less waste of resources, a ninja with his speed and unique melee skills, and a stranger with his ability to find well-hidden objects.

Well, plus to everything, in the course of earning experience. You can pump your character, and thus make it many times more powerful than stock. In general, there is no need to be bored, and the diversity will make every new day achieve new and new goals.

Year of release: 2017
Genre: MMO, Action, Shooter, 3rd person, Adventure
Developer: Epic Games
Publisher: Epic Games
Publication Type: License
Interface language: Russian
Tablet: Not required
Version: 4.2

System requirements
Operating system: Win 7, 8, 10 or Mac OSX Sierra (10.12.6+)
Processor: 2.5 GHz and higher
Video card: 1 GB and above
Memory: 4 GB and above
Hard Drive: 22 GB

Category: Action / Adventure

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