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Cyberpunk 2077 " - first-person action with elements of the RPG-genre, an exciting toy that can compete with many of the leading modern game hits…

The game takes us to the year 2077, when humanity has reined in new technologies that allow everyone to modify their body and make themselves a real cyborg killer. The plot revolves around a town called "night city". Here rages crime, greed, poverty, hatred and envy, here sin at every step, and every resident of the city can be a potential danger to the hero. By the way, the hero, as usual games of the same genre, dreams of only one thing – to stop the organization, which became the head of humanity, to overcome crime and restore justice in the world. It would seem banal goals, but combine them with cool gameplay, dynamics, and the free world, the developers have created a game that seems to be a real masterpiece.

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Amazing world of cyberpunk, awesome story, good gadgets from the main character. features not previously presented in any such toy, relatively free world, hard dynamics, colorful world, hundreds of enemies and the future, it seems unreal – that's what download Cyberpunk 2077 via torrent on the PC is every gamer without exception.

The player is offered a wide range of opportunities - you can perform additional quests and run around the city in search of adventure, forgetting about the story, you can run headlong through the storyline, and you can give preference to the promotion of the hero, his improvement.

By the way, as for the improvement of the hero and his pumping, so it is a separate topic for conversation – the player has no restrictions, he can implant in the body of the hero any gadget and any available technology that will give an advantage over opponents and all who will be Pozar for the life of the hero.
In General, the game "Cyberpunk 2077" is a real masterpiece, and you can play this masterpiece endlessly, stretching the game clock slaughterhouses, bloody shootings, non-linear quests and endless wandering through the open world of the future.

Year: 2019
Genre: Role-playing (RPG) / 1st person / 3rd person
Developer: CD Projekt RED

Category: Expected games / RPG

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