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STALKER 2-first-person shooter about the stay of people in the "Chernobyl zone", the continuation of the game, which once became a real legend, but never came out into the world…

At the time, the game was to be announced by the Ukrainian Studio, its release was already scheduled for a specific date, but later, for a number of certain reasons, the release was postponed, and the Studio announced its closure. But now everything has changed, and according to the latest information received, the release will still take place, though there is no exact release date yet.

But one thing is known for sure-the quality of the game will now move to a new level. In particular, the first thing it became known that the graphic element of the game will move to a new, modern level, and the engine on which the trilogy was once based, which became a legend, will be replaced by a new cross-platform.

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Setting seems to remain the same-the game will develop in the same area, except for a few locations, new, which may appear in the new part. And yet, according to some reports, it became known that the game will again be divided into three interrelated parts, that is, "STALKER 2" will also become a trilogy.

By and large, the one who will be the first lucky, who managed to download STALKER 2 via torrent on PC, very lucky, because the new, the second part, according to rumors, will be what all fans of the first trilogy have long dreamed of. It will be a real masterpiece, with cool modern graphics, awesome gameplay, a new storyline that affects the rumored old characters, and a modern level of detail of the environment.

By the way, apparently, special attention will be paid to the multiplayer part of the game, however, what exactly it will represent, is not yet known. However, we are used to wait. Well, when the time comes, you can get the game right on this page…

Year: 2020
Genre: Action (Action) / 1st person / games 2020
Developer: GSC Game World
Category: Expected games / Action

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