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Half-Life 3-first-person shooter about the legendary Gordon Freeman, the third part of the series, which became a legend and embodied the imagination of all fans and admirers of the genre…

Rumors about the development of the third part of "Half-Life" go on the network for a long time, but it just so happened that the rumors sooner or later, or confirmed or refuted, and in the case of "HL3" is also not without it. Well, apparently, despite the constant refutation by officials from "Valve", the game is still in development, and moreover, according to unofficial information, the release may take place in 2018, although again, it's just a rumor. In which we would like to believe as well as millions of fans.

Among other things, there were rumors and as such innovation, waiting for players in the new part. First, has repeatedly been touched upon the theme of the engine-based on unofficial data, the game can get a new engine, or rather. The same, but improved and repeatedly pumped. Naturally, this may affect the requirements for iron, but much without it, especially since the third part should be in graphic terms at times better than their predecessors. Speaking of graphics, it is worth remembering the words of one of the developers of "Valve", who once said that the company at the time of thinking about the third part was not the technology that would be needed in the course of the implementation of all ideas into reality (or and virtuality).

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As for the plot, it is, unfortunately, still remains a mystery, obveshivanie labels second part. Although, it is possible that the hero of the third part will somehow Gordon (well where without it), the one remembered by all his opponents swing at the red, bloody crowbar.

And of course can not do without thoughtful and repeatedly improved physics, accompanied by improved combat mechanics and a bunch of new equipment – here you can do without rumors, everything is so clear. New graphics. A new level of visualization, a new setting and characters, most of which we are already familiar with – who knows, maybe soon all this will be available to everyone without exception.

In the meantime, we can only dream about the time when it will be possible Half-Life 3 torrent download on PC, but the fact remains that when that time comes, we will definitely surprise the new generation of the game, a masterpiece of new proportions.

Year: 2018
Genre: Action (Action) / from the 1st person
Developer: Valve
Category: Expected games / Action

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