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Rumors about the continuation, on which last year began to work Studio "Treyarch", went on the network for a long time, and now there decided not to puzzle fans of the series and reveal the main secret- "Call of Duty Black Ops 4" to be, and the release will take place very soon…

And immediately it should be noted that the new part of the game should transfer the entire series to a new level. The fourth part should all decided to download Call of Duty Black Ops 4 through torrent players move into the future, in the time period when America has just survived the zombie Apocalypse, after which the whole world began to crack at the seams. Ahead of you waiting for a mind-blowing adventure, shooting, chase, flying, hunting and more. By the way, the gameplay should not change much, but it will have an incredible number of innovations. For example, even take the zombies and their bosses, flying over the city, the chase, in which the main character will fly a drone, and all that kind of.

There are also rumors that the game will have several new modes, including multiplayer. One of them, according to rumors, should be based on shooting zombies and the final battle with the boss. How it will be presented in the game is not yet clear, but the fact that such a mode will already be a fact.

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As for the graphics, so it too, thanks to the move of the game to a new engine, must move to a new level. First, connoisseurs of realism will appreciate the high level of detail, thanks to which even zombies, and then, will look incredibly realistic. Secondly, the background locations and range of view will not leave anyone indifferent. Well, thirdly, please and lighting, thanks to which the game itself looks not so gray and dull as in the previous part.

Weapons-it is believed that some of the weapons present in the previous part, should disappear from the range, but should also appear and new, fantastic, in particular, aimed at battles with bosses and zombies. However, the weapon of the modern admirer of an action will not surprise any more. But there is another important point – finally, the developers decided to focus on stealth-passage, through which players will always have a choice to go through the next mission quietly, or in the style of "Rimbaud". Good technique and a variety of weapons that will allow us to act so and so.

Year: 2018
Genre: Action (Action) / from the 1st person
Developer: Treyarch

Category: Expected games / Action

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