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No matter how many disputes in the network, and one fact is not exactly change-in the Studio "Croteam" will never give up the idea of creating "Serious Sam 4", a game that has already been announced and its announcement has attracted as much attention as no one expected…

Unfortunately, little is known about the storyline even today, but it is known that one of the places of events will be France. It is believed that the game will once again become something of a prequel, but again, this is just a rumor. How it will actually go away is still unknown. But the developers have already managed to say that the fourth part of the series will not just be a game – it promises to be a Grand Croatian project, a toy that will be able to plug all the projects available to date in this genre.

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As for the gameplay, so it does not change. The developers decided at all costs not to depart from the tradition and create a game that is not inferior to the previous parts, and most importantly, does not change the overall concept of the series. Incredible epic carnage with dozens of enemies at the same time, a huge range of weapons, locations, at times superior to their scale, those that were even in the third part, and special effects, which have not yet seen the fans of the series – all this is not a complete list of what download Serious Sam 4 Planet Badass torrent should every fan of the series without exception.

Incidentally, with regard to weapons, so its list, at least for the most part, the developers decided to change. However, there have to be those units of the weapon that were standard for a series – for example, it can be a parrot bomb, or a saw with which it was possible to destroy opponents in a case when there were no cartridges for firearms.

In the same way, the developers said about the change in the list of opponents. However, the concept will not change. For example, will not go anywhere hordes running on the main character "kamikaze". Only their appearance will change. In General, all decided Serious Sam 4 torrent download free fall a unique opportunity to be at the origins of a new story in the universe of Serious Sam.

As for the appearance and design, so everything is much cooler. It is already known that the game will get a new improved engine and cool photorealistic graphics. Detailing the environment and even weapons, special effects, physics, shooting mechanics-all go to a whole new level. And the levels themselves should be transformed by new features of the engine. Now there will be no experiments with corridor initial levels, as there will be no "corridors" themselves - there will be more freedom, more nonlinearity, and much more additional tasks. However, all this still just a rumor. Although, most likely, we will soon learn that in fact we have prepared the developers in the fourth part.

Year: 2019
Genre: Action (Action) / from the 1st person
Developer: Croteam
Category: Expected games / Action

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